LEICA ELMAR 50mm with SLR Jacket

Recently I was fortunate to get my hands on the ELMAR 50mm lens to use with the SLR Jacket. A more affordable of the Leica M mount lenses.


This ELMAR 50mm has a nice weight to it. I don’t particularly like the shape of this lens or how it is designed where it’s hard to change the aperture of the lens. I was only planning to use it with the aperture fully open (f2.8) so the latter wasn’t really a problem.

This lens is known to perform very well out doors and at around f8. Needless to say that I will only be using this lens at f2.8 or, if i’m feeling ambitious, the next stop down (f4) due to it lower aperture causing rainbow colored patterns and heavier moire patterns. Unfortunately, the weather has not been the best here in Hong Kong recently.

Flowers. Turned out sharper than I thought.

Chinese guardian dog. This is when I start to realize that the shortest focal distance of this lens is not the same as the other 50mm lenses I have used. (Canon, Nikon, Olympus).


A shot of the flower as the mini-bus zooms by.






Looking down from the bridge. The SLR Jacket works the best when the subject isn’t moving.


Bouquet. Confirming still life shots come out much better.


The scenery. Looks dark and gloomy. A lot of the dark areas just appear completely black. Interesting lens. Not the easiest I have used with the SLR Jacket. However, a lot of personality. more info on SLR Jacket Leica M-mount – click here